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Veronica Beard by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar

As always there’re many trends surfacing right before Fashion Month kicks off, and these trends determine more or less the whole street style landscape. For some this might feel like a repetition of styles and looks, and even specific pieces that get just a little too much attention. Some of which we never thought it would stand a chance – the “Ugly sneaker” trend for example – and yet, they are beloved by almost everyone right now.

Less in the spotlights right now, simply because it’s still summer and temperatures aren’t going anywhere cold yet, are statement knits. Needless to say, in fashion we are always a little ahead of time, so right now I’m doing my research on the best Fall/Winter 2019 knits, and I have partnered up with Veronica Beard, a brand close to my heart, to style three of their best ones…

But, since New York Fashion Week is upon us, and all you want is to know what to wear, we combined the two and created three amazing fashion week looks, which will absolutely be street style worthy, and afterwards, the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe!

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Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2019 show Paris by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar

I’m obviously biased when it comes to my review of the Bonpoint collection, as my kids have been walking their show AND we are working together for some time now, but still, with the eye of a fashion enthusiast, I’m going to try to tell you about my favorite parts of the Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2019 show, and show you the best look worn by the cutest kids, and my James and Stella!

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Backstage at the Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2019 show by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar

Two days ago I asked you on my instastories “what do you want to know about our experience with James and Stella walking the Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2019 show, and our family trip to Paris?” and obviously most of you are interested in how it goes behind the scenes at a kids show, and of course, our recommendations for a family trip to Paris. Starting with the latter; going to Paris with two little kids isn’t really that different from going to Paris as a couple. There are little implications, like you’re not going to have dinner past midnight, or drink wine in that little romantic Parisian bistro – well, maybe one glass – and I could argue renting an apartment instead of staying at a hotel, but considering our experience is that the French don’t mind – well behaved – kids in their restaurants or hotels, you can pretty much go wherever you used to go. French couples we know, with kids, didn’t completely change their lives either, after they have little ones. They just make sure their kids have the proper manners to be in a “grown up” environment, which I believe a lot of kids are lacking in New York City. Not really any offense to New Yorkers and their kids, or NYC restaurants, but I do find that when you live for example on the Upper West, there’s definitely certain places most parents go for dinner with their kids, because it’s a kid-friendly place. Yet, it’s not a necessarily a place where you want to go as a grown up. Anyway, my point is, just make sure they are raised with good table manners – bring an iPad if you want to drink that last glass of wine – and you are fine anywhere in Paris/France. To my French readers: Please correct me if I’m wrong! I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Now back to the part where you want to know more about the “Backstage with Bonpoint” because that’s definitely THE MOST ASKED question… If you want to get tips on places to go with kids, leave a comment below!

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Bonpoint SS19 show by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar
For the fourth season in a row, I’m beyond excited to show you all the backstage and show photos of the Bonpoint children show, held in Paris during Haute Couture. However, I’m still way in deep editing everything, and making sure there’s a beautiful story lined up for you for this weekend. Until then, proud mother as I am, watch James and Stella walk the Bonpoint SS19 show!

Inspired by the colors of the world; prints from Africa to India, and of course, the loveliest smiles you will every see on a runway… Enter the universe of the cutest kids in fashion with the Bonpoint SS19 show, and stay tuned for much more of the show and our days in Paris…

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Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2018 New York Thefashionguitar

I only recently found out that besides the Upper East Side Bonpoint store – on 69th and Madison – and the one in Soho, there’s actually also one all the way uptown; on the corner of 96 and Madison. With its large windows and high ceilings, it instantly became my favorite store of the three. Nothing’s wrong with the other two stores, but somehow the natural light makes it so beautiful in there. Anyway, so when we visited the store a few weeks back, in preparation for the upcoming Bonpoint Fall-Winter 2019 show, we did a little store tour with Stella, and selected some of her favorites looks. You have to wait a few more days to find out what those are, because James and Stella will be wearing this all in Paris coming week, but here’s already a little sneak peek of what’s coming!

And by the time you are reading this, we probably just landed in Paris, and getting ready for a few amazing days with the family there. I will be going to some of the most amazing Haute Couture shows, and of course, highlight of the week: James and Stella walking the Bonpoint show for the third time! We couldn’t be more excited and proud of them. Tag along on my Instagram, and make sure to read more so you can also see the lovely interior design of the uptown store, and some of my favorite moments with Stella and my mom – who was visiting us from The Netherlands the time we visited the store! See more

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