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Thefashionguitar Look of the Day

Looking back at this week, there’s obviously much more important topics to discuss than what I’ve been wearing and whether or not you should buy those looks. But as the world keeps on turning, and our alarm clocks still rings at 7AM on weekday mornings – on weekends we let our kids be our wakeup alarms – and that forever nagging question “what to wear today” never seems to take a day off, I’m sharing what I’ve been wearing this week, and of course, where to get it! The “Look of the Day” is basically a destination where you will find a mix of simple “Outfit of the Day” shots, collaborations that launched that week, or unpublished but noteworthy looks. Read more to get this week’s five best looks…

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Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar wearing Chanel Spring-Summer 2018 runway dress

Okay, I’m not going to lie; most dresses that qualify as “dream dress” to me, are expensive. Even on sale they are not most likely to be out of my budget, but a girl can dream. So I’m dreaming. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, there are dresses, especially when they are on sale, that are lifting every spirit in my body without breaking the bank. Trust me on this one, I know what I’m talking about… I’ve a wedding in Italy next week, AND the Venice Film Festival coming up, so I’ve done my research. Read more to see all the best dress on sale, and my “princess experience” in Paris during the Chanel Cruise show back in May 2018…

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Bonpoint SS19 show by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar
For the fourth season in a row, I’m beyond excited to show you all the backstage and show photos of the Bonpoint children show, held in Paris during Haute Couture. However, I’m still way in deep editing everything, and making sure there’s a beautiful story lined up for you for this weekend. Until then, proud mother as I am, watch James and Stella walk the Bonpoint SS19 show!

Inspired by the colors of the world; prints from Africa to India, and of course, the loveliest smiles you will every see on a runway… Enter the universe of the cutest kids in fashion with the Bonpoint SS19 show, and stay tuned for much more of the show and our days in Paris…

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Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar white heels

Wearing white shoes can be a real challenge. White sneakers, though, are less of a hassle. Those are a wardrobe staple nowadays, and literally look good with anything – think the good old Stan Smith’s or my new white Chloe high tops – but a pair of heals in white makes us easily feel out of our “comfort zone”, so to speak. Funny, isn’t it? How the color of a pair of shoes can define how we feel about that specific pair. Especially when it’s the “non-colour” white, which should theoretically be the easiest, as it goes with anything. Yet, we fear them… or, at least, we don’t wear them as often as a pair of black heels. This is – I’m sure – a huge waste, so here’s a little edit on how you could wear white heels this summer, plus a selection of the best white heels – and a few sneakers – for less…

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It takes a village! It really does… So we need many more people to take Thefashionguitar-brand to the next level. For now, we need people who are super talented and ambitious in the above fields of expertise. Based on your experience, we will identify your level. Send me an overview of your previous work and ideas, and we will reach out to you if we see a fit!

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