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KHAITE Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar

When KHAITE launched in 2016, it immediately grew on me and became one of my favorite brands. With their dreamy dresses and tulle tops, it was just in line with my forever obsession over the “runaway-bride” look – aka pretty dresses and sneakers. However, with its core of reimagining of American sportswear, it didn’t come as a surprise that their denim and cashmere sweaters turned out to be a dream, too. Designed in New York City and made in Los Angeles, KHAITE Jeans are the ultimate effortless piece in my everyday dressing. I mean, I’ve mentioned it many times before; I do absolutely want to pick up my kids in a little couture gown and a pair of sneakers, but in reality, that will not happen for a VERY long time, if ever. LOL. So yes, in my day-to-day dressing, a good pair of jeans is a must, and right now, KHAITE serves my denim needs in the best way possible.

Today, I’m wearing The Kyle Jean in Tucson; a style that looks and feels like I borrowed it from the boys – something I love so much anyways – and combines perfectly with any feminine top or pair of shoes. In my case I did both with their new fall/winter Ankle Boot in Black Leather, and their Lucie Top in Black

I would totally wear it with a white shirt tucked in, one of their tulle tops in nude, or just a light cashmere knit when fall hits and the nights are a little more crisp again. It just feels so effortless, and comfortable, without losing on style or sophistication. 

It’s not often I dress this minimal, let alone show it to you, because I feel – and always tell people – “I don’t get away with it”, it doesn’t spark on me as much as on some women, who really just look so effortless and chic this minimal. However, I think I got converted to the church of KHAITE now, and will be living on the more minimal side of looks throughout the week. NOT to worry though, I’m not ever going to let go of my tulle obsession, nor will any pair of sneakers every leave my closet. But as I said, KHAITE has it all girls: The ultimate wardrobe staples, but not with any less “sparks”.

This post is sponsored by KHAITE and ShopStyle.

KHAITE Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar
KHAITE Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar
KHAITE Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar