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Monica Vinader necklace | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Everyone around me knows there’s one set of rings – apart from my engagement ring – that I almost never take off. It’s really rare I’m not wearing them, and if I don’t, it’s probably only because they didn’t match with the rest of the jewelry I’m wearing that day. Which is, in fact, rare too, because the rings I’m talking about go with almost everything. I’m talking about my thin diamond white gold bands from Monica Vinader’s stacking collection, of which they recently launched an additional “create your own” tool which I want to tell you a little more about…

As with designing or monogramming your own bag or jeans, creating your own necklace or stacking your favorite rings became part or our style DNA. There’s nothing more exciting and valuable as something you’ve created yourself. Therefore I couldn’t be happier when Monica Vinader’s team invited me to try their new online tool with which you can design your own necklace. It’s basically a tool where you can select any of your pendants – up to four at the time – and put them together on one beautiful chain of your choosing. The necklace I’m wearing in these photos is the one I created. It’s a spin-off of the insanely beautiful rings I was talking about earlier – and wearing in this post too: the thin bans with tiny diamonds. I never wear rose gold, but I’ve always wanted to, so this seemed the perfect timing to start. I kept it quite simple with this two slim diamand hoop pendants, but there are endles combinations with countless types of pendants possible. After you’ve select your type of necklace – I choose the Rolo Chain 15-17 inch – you go to “selecting your pendants” where you can choose up to four per necklace. I picked the Riva Mini Hoop pendant and the Riva Diamond Hoop pendant, but as I said, there are plenty of options, such as coin shaped, stone filled, or engraved ones. I would say head over to Monica Vinader and try it yourself, even if it’s just for the fun of doing it!

Monica Vinader necklace | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Monica Vinader necklace | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Monica Vinader necklace and rings // Ganni leather shirt // Frame Denim jeans // Chanel Boy bag // Valentino sunglasses.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau